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Slight recovery in profitability

The production volume in the first half-year was 11 816 m3 of sawn timber, 0.7 % higher than in the previous year (11 737 m3). Net sales were 11.2 % below the previous year and reached EUR 4.9 million (previous year: 5.5 million). EBITDA was EUR 0.4 million, an improvement of EUR 0.5 million (previous year: EUR –0.1 million). The operating profit margin was 8.4 %.

Additional costs of EUR 0.4 million reduced profit. These were due to warehousing costs and docking fees relating to government inspections in the port of Manaus. Moreover, delivery was delayed and incomplete.

The harvest was resumed already in June. The early interruption at the end of the previous year due to the large amount of rain necessitated this approach. The goal is to increase production volumes in the second half of 2018, thus improving margins.