Annual Report 2017

Precious Woods – a sustainable forest management company


To our shareholders

It was a great pleasure and honour to be given the opportunity to succeed Ernst A. Brugger as Chair of the Board of Directors of Precious Woods in May 2017.

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Impressions of the “Centre Culturel” project in Bambidie, Gabon

Approximately 3,500 people live in the village of Bambidie, including about 800 school-age children. All of them are our employees with their family members. Since there are no major cultural offerings in the region, we launched the "Centre Culturel" project, which aims to provide the local population with a space for events and meetings.

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Precious Woods and the sustainable impact

Since the founding of Precious Woods sustainability is at the core of her corporate philosophy. Sustainability means the creation of added value in economic, ecological and social terms – for investors, employees, business partners and other stakeholders.

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