Progress in social and environmental sustainability

At both sites – Bambidie and Owendo – FSC and PAFC recertification audits were carried out for both forestry management and chain of custody (CoC). These take place every year and once again concluded very successfully. The continuous high level of our work was once again confirmed by independent third parties. We continue to be the only companies with dual certification.

We are also working on the following projects:

  • The wide range of activities in “Maison de la Culture” opened last year in Bambidie were financially supported by CEB and PWH.
  • Numerous training sessions took place for our logging teams. The goal is to improve knowledge and skills in the area of reduced impact logging and to secure the processes.
  • First aid classes were held in cooperation with the Red Cross, as well as advanced training of the company fire brigade in cooperation with governmental organizations.
  • A project against poaching was supported and accompanied in cooperation with the ministry responsible for forestry, the Gabon National Park Agency, and NGOs.
  • Cooperation with the Research Institute in Tropical Ecology (IRET) for research on and further development of non-timber products was continued.
  • The Dynafor project was also continued with P3FAC. The goal of this project is to study the dynamics and enrichment of the forest and in order to plan future forest management and harvesting.
  • The joint project with the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) was further refined, with the goal of developing a monitoring protocol for surveying and evaluating biodiversity in our concessions. It will include a survey of fauna in the future.

Precious Woods Gabon in brief

PW Gabon consists of two companies: CEB (Compagnie Equatoriale des Bois) and TGI (Tropical Gabon Industrie). Since 2007, PW Gabon has been managing a tropical forest in Eastern Gabon across a concession area of 596 800 hectares. In 2014, a protected area of 19 900 hectares was separated out. PW Gabon employs around 893 persons and harvests approximately 240 000 cubic meters of logs each year. The company operates according to a sustainable forest management plan that ensures that no more timber is harvested per hectare than will grow back within a harvest cycle of 25 years. PW Gabon runs two sawmills and a small molding plant in Bambidie, the centre base of PW Gabon’s forestry operation. TGI’s rotary veneer factory for Okoumé veneer is located in Owendo, a suburb of the port city Libreville. The main export markets for PW Gabon’s manufactured timber products are Europe, South Africa, and Asia. PW Gabon’s forestry operation has been FSC-certified since October 2008 and the TGI chain of custody since January 2010. The forestry operation has also been PAFC-certified since 2017. Both operations were PAFC-certified for CoC in 2018.