Products and markets

Precious Woods produces and sells logs and sawn timber (beams, poles, boards), planed products, and veneer made from high-quality tropical timber from more than 60 tropical tree species. Main target groups are the shipbuilding and hydraulic engineering sector, garden, building and road construction, as well as outdoor furniture manufacturers in Europe, Brazil, Asia, and the US. Thanks to continuous public campaigning by prominent non-governmental organizations, awareness of the negative environmental, social, and economic consequences of exploitation of tropical forests is increasing and leading to a positive change in framework conditions. This development offers Precious Woods – with its consistent strategy aimed at sustainability – a growing market share.


Thanks to its holistic approach ranging from sustainable forest management and timber production to marketing, Precious Woods promotes certification of the whole chain of custody and complete traceability. The procurement of additional timber products for Precious Woods’ own trading focuses on forestry and processing companies that are also certified. Lesser-known species of wood are continuously tested and introduced on the market. For that purpose, Precious Woods examines uses for about 60 different timber species and puts this knowledge into practice to satisfy customer and market demands. At the same time, these activities preserve the integrity of the tropical forests. Thanks to all these factors, Precious Woods makes sustainable and long-term economic activity possible.