New concessions to secure our activities

About 420 000 hectares of forests (own forest and smaller concessions) are currently available for harvest. We have made further efforts to legalize the land titles that have not yet been secured and to evaluate and secure new concessions.

The bidding process for public concessions has been delayed. In parallel, we are trying to acquire further private concessions in order to secure harvest volumes until the second rotation. A recalculation showed that the second rotation cannot begin until 2035, and not 2029 as originally assumed. Negotiations for new, private concessions should be completed in 2022. The additional public concessions will serve to increase capacity in timber processing, and it remains uncertain when this process can be completed. We are also trying to either exchange land areas in protected zones (about 45 000 ha) with productive, usable land or obtain permission to manage such land. This is the subject of ongoing negotiations with the government.