Precious Woods Trading – increase in sales

Trading in logs and sawn timber from Europe complements the current product range of Precious Woods and expands our knowledge in the sales and procurement market. Trading supplements our core business, namely the processing and trading of tropical sawn timber and veneer from Brazil and Gabon.

Net sales from the trading business in the 2021 reporting year amounted to EUR 3.4 million, corresponding to an increase of 38.0 % from the previous year (2020: EUR 2.5 million).

in EUR million   2021   2020   Index   Change
Net Sales   3.4   2.5   138.0%   +0.9
EBITDA   0.3   –0.4   -   +0.7
EBIT   0.3   –0.4   -   +0.7

The main sales market for our traded products is China. The demand for our products fell in 2020 but increased again in 2021. The shortage of raw materials led to price increases, but transportation costs rose disproportionately. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to EUR 0.3 million. The EBITDA margin was 9.2 % (previous year: -16.9 %).

For Precious Woods, trading activities in Europe are strategically important, because this activity secures expertise in the sales and procurement market and creates synergies with our other business areas in production. The challenge will be to apply the insights specifically to our operations in Africa and Brazil and to use them for the benefit of our customers or product developments. In future, the range of products is to be supplemented by the sale of tropical timber from other FSC-certified operations in Central and South America. Some of these projects are carried out by local communities, in which cooperation with the environmental organization Rainforest Alliance is sought or already in the implementation phase.

Precious Woods Trading in brief

After the decision to shut down PW Europe, the administration of that company was taken over by PW Holding in Zug from 2014, and goods were delivered directly from the production plants in Brazil and Gabon.

In 2014, activities were expanded to include the trading of certified European logs and sawn timber. This now complements our diverse range of products.