1. Group structure and shareholders

Precious Woods consists of four operational business segments: sustainable forestry in Brazil, sustainable forestry in Gabon, Trading and Carbon & Energy. For more information about the individual segments, please refer to pages 22 to 35 of the Annual report.

Precious Woods Holding Ltd was the only listed company within the Group. The delisting from the SIX Swiss Exchange took place on 9 August 2013. Precious Woods Holding Ltd has its headquarters in Zug. More information about Precious Woods’ shares can be found on page 49 of this report. For more detailed information about the holding company and the direct subsidiaries (name, headquarters, share capital and percentage ownership), please refer to note 1 and 4 of the Financial Statements of PW Holding. A list of shareholders with more than 3 % of the voting rights can be found in note 23 of the Consolidated Group Financial Statements. There are no cross-shareholdings or shareholders’ agreements. Further information on shareholders is published on our website (Investor Relations – Share information) and on the website of private bank Lienhardt & Partner and the OTC-X Berner Kantonalbank.