Emission certificates thanks to residual wood in Brazilian

MIL Energia Renovável’s 9-megawatt power plant, which has been fully owned by MIL Madeiras since May 2021, supplies around 70 % of the households of the neighbouring city of Itacoatiara with electricity. The production site of Precious Woods Amazon also requires around 2 MW. All of the power plant’s electricity (heat for wood seasoning and electrical energy) is generated from the residual wood of the PW Amazon sawmill, i.e., renewable biomass. The company has been fully consolidated since 1 June 2021 and therefore no revenue from electricity sales was recognized in the previous year.

MIL Energia not only produces electricity and steam or heat. Our activities resulted in a total of 33 788 tons of CO2 equivalents in 2021 and 40 776 tons in 2020, which can be counted towards carbon reduction and thus contribute to global climate protection. However, the amount of 2020 will not be reflected in the figures until 2022, as the revenue is delayed.

The biomass power plant in Itacoatiara remains very important for Precious Woods: firstly, from an operational perspective because this results in favorable electricity and heat procurement costs; secondly due to the opportunity to sell residual wood from timber harvesting and as a by-product of the sawmill; and thirdly because complete utilization of the harvested wood makes an important contribution to avoiding CO2 emissions and can therefore replace heat and power generation using fossil fuels.