A pioneering role – more than just certified sustainable management

Precious Woods defines and measures the sustainability of all its activities on the basis of the principles and criteria of the FSC, which was founded in 1993. In 2017, the entire Group also underwent certification according to the principles of PEFC/PAFC (Pan-African Forestry Certification) – a sustainability standard of a similarly high level. Independent auditors regularly checked and audited Precious Woods. Precious Woods is convinced that in the long term, countries with tropical forest resources will grant new concessions to companies that comply with sustainability criteria. And we believe that credible certification strengthens the company’s position on the market. Especially customers in the public sector are putting increasing pressure on producers and suppliers of tropical timber and demanding sustainably produced wood. Precious Woods already played a leading role with its FSC certification in Brazil in 1997, and its PEFC certification in 2017 is another pioneering achievement. Precious Woods continues to be groundbreaking in forestry planning with remote sensing and forest inventory as well as road and land use planning in the forest. Precious Woods also plays a leading role in the use of non-timber products from forest resources. This includes the generation of electricity from wood waste in Brazil as well as trade in certified emission reductions (CERs) (since 2006). Since 2011, this has been an additional income source managed in collaboration with the renowned myclimate foundation.