Focus on economic, social, and environmental added value

Precious Woods creates added value in economic and multidimensional terms through sustainable use of tropical forest resources. The broad range of timber and non-timber products generates added value which goes beyond the traditional forestry and timber industry and secures the long-term development of the Group. Precious Woods ensures social added value through the creation of jobs, targeted basic and continuing training in emerging countries, schools, health clinics, as well as other infrastructure in remote tropical forest areas. In doing so, the company makes an important contribution to economic and social development and stability in these regions. Precious Woods actively aims to improve the living conditions of its employees, their families, and communities. Added value in ecological terms means managing Precious Woods’ forest areas consistently with sustainable practices to preserve these renewable natural resources – including their biodiversity – also for future generations. A comprehensive description of Precious Woods’ social and environmental engagement is provided in the Sustainability chapter on pages 25 – 29 as well as in the reports on the individual business segments.