Sustainability as the focus of entrepreneurial philosophy

Certification according to the standard of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has been part of the entrepreneurial philosophy of Precious Woods for many years. Since 2017, the entire Group has also been certified according to the PEFC/PAFC standard. These standards define all essential criteria for sustainability in forestry. The certification schemes cover forestry processes as well as operational timber production, trading, and the handling of social and environmental demands in the context of tropical forest management. Precious Woods thus guarantees 100 %-certified products from its PW Amazon, PW Gabon, and PW Holding operations. Below, we will discuss some of the aspects of operational activities that go beyond the defined sustainability standards. Thanks to its consistent engagement on behalf of sustainability, Precious Woods is one of the leading companies in terms of quality in the future-oriented forestry and timber industry in the tropics and beyond.