Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Board of Directors is responsible for compliance with and further development of sustainability. The Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC) advises Precious Woods on new developments in sustainability in the management of tropical forests and supports the company in its relations with local and inter­national interest groups and professional organizations. The SAC gives recommendations for achieving Precious Woods’ economic, environmental and social sustainability objectives and related reporting requirements.

Members of the SAC:

Claude Martin, Dr. dipl. phil. II (Biology), University of Zurich (Chairman)

  • Chancellor of the International University in Geneva, formerly Director General of WWF International and former member of the Board of Directors of Precious Woods.

Simone Stammbach, MSc. Education for Sustainability, London South Bank University

  • Senior Manager WWF Global Forest & Trade Network. WWF Switzerland in Zurich since 1998, responsible for forest projects and communication.

Heiko Liedeker, MSc. Forest Ecology, University of Vermont

  • Executive Director of Leading Standards GmbH, formerly Head of EU-FLEGT and REDD at the European Forest Institute and Executive Director of FSC International.

Ralph Ridder, Dr. MSc. Forestry, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

  • Forest and Wood Policy Advisor, GIZ China, formerly Director General of the Association Technique des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT) and Head of EU-FLEGT and REDD at the European Forest Institute.