Precious Woods Gabon in brief

PW Gabon consists of two companies: CEB (­Compagnie Equatoriale des Bois) and TGI (Tropical Gabon Industrie). Since 2007, PW Gabon has been managing a tropical forest in Eastern Gabon across a concession area of 596 800 hectares. In 2014, a protected area of 19 900 hectares was separated out. PW Gabon employs around 872 persons and harvests approximately 240 000 cubic metres of logs each year. The company operates according to a sustainable forest management plan that ensures that no more timber is harvested per hectare than will grow back within a harvest cycle of 25 years. PW Gabon runs two sawmills and a small moulding plant in Bambidie, the centre base of PW Gabon’s forestry operation. TGI’s rotary veneer factory for Okoumé veneer is located in Owendo, a suburb of the port city Libreville. The main export markets for PW Gabon’s manufactured timber products are Europe, South Africa, and Asia. PW Gabon’s forestry operation has been FSC-certified since October 2008 and the TGI chain of custody since January 2010. The forestry operation has also been PAFC-certified since 2017.