4. Group Management

The GM under the leadership of the CEO is responsible for the operational management of the company. The organization, roles and responsibilities of the GM and its members are defined in the bylaws, which are set by the BoD. More information is available on the website (Investor Relations – Corporate Governance – Articles of Association and Bylaws).

In the reporting year, the GM consisted of the members:


Markus Brütsch, born 1960, Swiss citizen, has been CFO of Precious Woods Group since 1 January 2014. In July 2014, he was also elected as CEO of Precious Woods Group. Before he worked as CFO at Cicor Group and Winterthur Technology Group.


Stéphane Glannaz (Master in Marketing and Intl. Business), born in 1972, French and Swiss citizen, has been CCO of Precious Woods Group since 1 October 2013. Stéphane Glannaz­ was the vice-president of Olam Intl. Ltd. Singapore, Timber Division and Head of Marketing and Sales.

Additional information about the members of the GM can be found in their profiles on the Precious Woods website (Investor Relations – Corporate Governance – Executive Management).