5. Compensation, shareholdings, loans

Employment contracts and the “Compensation Regulations for the Board of Directors of PWH” provide the framework for the compensation and stock option plans of the BoD, GM and the senior managers of the subsidiaries. In the case of services provided by members of the BoD in request of the company that are clearly outside the usual scope of Board activities, compensation is determined by the Board of Directors. Members can be compensated for their individual activities on the basis of effective time invested. Decisions regarding compensation and share­holdings for BoD and GM are made annually on the basis of the Compensation Regulations for the BoD based on market criteria.

The regulations mentioned as well as a detailed list of compen­sation granted to the members of the BoD and GM can be found on the website (Investor Relations – Corporate Governance – Remuneration Policy), in note 16 of the Consolidated Group Financial Statements and in note 8 of the Financial Statement of PW Holding. All management personnel and employees are insured in accordance with the minimum legal requirements of the countries in which they are employed.

In 2018, no leave settlements, loans or other benefits have been granted to any of the members of the governing bodies.

No cash compensation, shares, options, loans or other payments are made to former governing body members. A list of shares held by members of the BoD can be found on the website (Investor Relations – Corporate governance –­Remuneration Policy) and in note 8 of the Financial Statements of PW Holding.